Creating that healthy lifestyle change.

My own personal experience seeing thousands of people struggle to maintain that healthy lifestyle they’ve wanted for years. I decided to create a coaching system to use that will result in you achieving many of your personal challenges. The lifestyle change you could never seem to take control of and achieve in the past.

In this article I teach how you can achieve balance in life while maintaining exercise as part of healthy living. Creating the habits that took myself to date over twenty four years of fitness training to understand, more so to implement them into my sub-conscious mind as good habits. The thoughts, feelings and action steps that have allowed me a fit and active experience throughout my life will show you the keys to achieving some of your own challenges.

By understanding the process and prepping for the ups and downs you experience along the path to positive change.  I explain in detail how you can to stay on track and self-motivated throughout the good times and bad. You become familiar with the mind set needed to overcome many of the problems that can and will constantly arise. These obstacles cause most to give up on their goals far too soon due to lack of motivation, beliefs and understanding. By falling short of  your targets often you can tend to establish a habit of settling for less rather than striving for that break through.

These methods come from my own personal experiences of maintaining high fitness levels throughout my life time with an athlete’s mind set incorporated. Whatever stage you are at in life. Through this type coaching offered I am confident you can develop into a self-motivated individual with the independence to work out alone. By taking control and responsibility over your actions you can definitely create a lifestyle change that will last.

The coaching system gives an overview of your current lifestyle with methods to fine tune the areas of life that are holding you back, through consistent observation you can develop long term change with steady personal growth.

Getting started

With everybody having unique preferences, motivations will differ from one person to the next. We all have reasons for taking action in certain areas of our lives, we may do it out of pain, desperation or for a person we care strongly about. However mostly the main reasons come from trying to better ourselves in a positive way. This gives us the confidence and attitude to continue personal development throughout our lifetime.

Our personalities will have a big influence on how we tackle problems, approach goals and how we move through our lives in general. This originates from the daily beliefs, habits and outlooks on life we have established over the years. Before you start to take steps towards a new path in life ask yourself some questions like. 

 What do I really want and why? How will this make me feel and what aspects of change will I need to prepare for? Do I really want this kind of life or is it a way of fulfilling a need? Is it the best way? Are there other methods to achieve or fulfil this goal? 

 I ask you to take time on this in order to bring to mind the things you value the most, because if something holds strong meaning to you it also has strong feelings, this is why they say only wish and strive for things you value in life. In other words the only way of becoming the person you desire is to actually live out the action steps daily so as to  feel like that person first inside. This is the place from where people find a lifetime of self-motivation and drive, doing the things they love and feel strongly about “keeping it real”.

For example I wanted to be a professional footballer as a child, when that didn’t happen through no planning or vision I decided to become a professional boxer. I really wanted to become famous and to be financially secure for life. Help all my family and friends while travelling the world with them. Most of whom I came to realise did not have the same intentions for me as I had for them.  I really wanted significance, acceptance and through my ego driven mind set I wanted some kind of status and recognition.

So be sure of yourself when choosing your path and life’s destiny. Think clearly about what makes you happy, what gives meaning to your heart and develop your lifestyle plan around doing the things that come natural, or through repetition you have become great at because.


“If you live the life you love, you’ll love the life you live”………..


-Martin Tarrush


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