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Personal Training

Lifestyle Sensei is Personal Training dedicated to helping you achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle. Developing your mindset for lasting results, this is where the training system offers more than just the physical aspect.

At the core of this holistic approach is an original coaching system, which incorporates a Lifestyle Plan, developed in order for you to evaluate the area(s) of your life you’d like to improve in determining a way forward. The L.S. training approach extends beyond the physical side of personal training, focusing on mental fitness through habit creation workshops and life balancing methods.

More information on the Lifestyle Sensei story can be found on the About page.

What can I expect from a Personal Training Session?

Below is an overview of what you can expect from your personal training sessions, supported by the Lifestyle Sensei Coaching System;

  • A friendly face and a non-intimidating environment
  • Initial consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals
  • Tailored training based on your current level of health and fitness.
  • Boxing Training – a stress-busting cardio intensive workout
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Nutritional advice for your needs
  • Coaching on creating healthy habits, both physical and mental
  • Structured self-evaluation process – developed in collaboration with a qualified psychologist

To find out more or arrange your first training session, simply head to our Contact page.


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