About Martin Tarrush



As the creator of Lifestyle Sensei, I have reached high levels of boxing fitness over the years. Having gone through the up’s and downs many times trying to maintain good health and well being as work absorbed so much of my time and energy. Only in recent years have I come to understand what it takes to achieve the real transformation that lasts. With over twenty-four years of training myself, I have been a qualified personal trainer for twelve years in London, Dublin, and Sydney where I am currently based.

My original coaching system tackles the areas of life that cause most to give up on their goals too soon. From experience, most people don’t lack effort but lack knowing the process where this I feel knocks many back.

I am capable of getting you results from day one by clearly identifying your obstacles. Forming a plan, combined with your own energy input, we can work towards exactly what you want regarding life goals. I can guarantee to raise your energy and bring out the best in you by focusing more on the things you love to do adding more value to your daily living.


“For the right mindset, you need an ideal environment”.

-Martin Tarrush.